Hot Tub & Sauna Accessories in Eugene, OR

We have a wide variety of accessories to go with your hot tub. Here is just a sample of what we provide. Just let us know what you would like and will do our best to find something wonderful to work for your family.
Here are some wonderful resource companies to look at:
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leisure concepts

Spa Covers

Replacement covers made to fit your spa!

Cover Colors - backyard spa in Eugene, OR
Be sure to specify hinge length if your cover is not square. Example: 60″x84″ cover with a 60″ hinge would measure 60″x42″ when folded in half.
When getting the measurements for your spa cover, you should measure from the outside dimension of the acrylic and add 1/4 inch per side for clearance. You can measure the existing cover if it fits properly.
The taper is the thickness of foam you want, our covers come in different tapers, 3″-2″, 4″-2″, 4″-3″, 5″-3″ and 3″ flat. Center of the cover tapering down to the edge to increase water run-off.
When choosing the foam density you have the choice of 1, 1.5 or 2lb foam. Price listed for most common choices.
For information on measuring the radius of your corners see the example below. Or you can simply trace your corner and bring it into the shop, we can measure it for you. The skirt length is the skirt that hangs below the foam.
Spa Plan - backyard spa in Eugene, OR
A. The distance between where the spa curves and the edge of the carpenters square is your radius.
B. The distance between the center of the circle to the edge of the spa is your radius.

Patio Accessories


Patio Furniture

Furniture - backyard spa in Eugene, OR
Telescope Casual

BBQ Islands & Grill

Outdoor Barbeque - backyard spa in Eugene, OR
Jackson Grills


Gazebo - backyard spa in Eugene, OR
Visscher - backyard spa in Eugene, OR


We stock a full line of professional grade chemicals such as Leisure Time, Hasa, Spa Frog,etc. Bring in a sample of your water and we will help you choose a system that works for you.
Would you like to try a more natural alternative?
Aqua Finesse
Aqua Finesse
Designed in the Netherlands, AquaFinesse is a powerful, all natural, environmentally friendly cleaner that proactively cleans and conditions your water using natural sea salts. Using this patented technology is unlike other water care systems available, making your water cleaner, clearer and safer- and keeping it that way. So how does it work? AquaFinesse loosens biofilm, so it can be caught in your filter system. AquaFinesse then keeps the surface clean. Avoiding biofilm formation mean eliminating water problems. And instead of a harsh chemical odor AquaFinesse has a clean Lavender scent.
Spa Marvel
Spa Marvel
Spa Marvel is an environmentally-friendly, enzyme based spa-water treatment product that can reduce and eliminate the need for many of the chemicals used in traditional spa water treatment.